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We only dispense quality, name brand hearing aids. Each unit is fine tuned to your exact hearing needs.



Lowest price in the nation, guaranteed. Found a lower price? Let us know and we will beat it, no matter what.



Every hearing aid comes with free 2nd day delivery and free service for life!


The hearing aid industry can be complicated. Fitting cutting edge hearing instruments that are fine tuned to your specific needs requires experience, not just a certificate. Choosing us over the competition is simple. 10,000 patients and 30 years of experience are what sets us apart. We ship the aids to your door ready to wear, and service them at no cost, for life. If for any reason you prefer to have them serviced in your area, you can take the hearing aids to any local hearing professional.

When it comes to your hearing healthcare, experience matters.

Real people, real results:


"I could not be more delighted.  I've stepped into another world.  I had no idea how bad my eight-year old aids were until now.  I recently had them rebuilt and retuned locally and still I lived in a world of quacking ducks, a cacophony of unintelligible sound.  In order to hear at all, I had to adjust them to a level where they squealed at any slight disturbance.  I dreaded the telephone.

I find myself turning down the TV and have discovered music enjoyable again.  I can actually understand the words, after years of accusing the artists of muttering. Incredibly, my old and dead guitar has gained a new life too, its sound sparkling!  If only my playing were up to its potential.  I’ll work harder at that now.

Rest assured I will continue to recommend Audiometrix in the future, as I have done in the past.  At least one of my friends uses your products.  It is sad that most folks settle for far less because of the enormous cost asked by local dealers.  They don’t even dream of buying the high quality aids - as way too extravagant - and end up with compromised hearing using low-end devices."


-L. Gould (Canaan, NH)