Don't I need to see you in person?

Not at all. Because we have been in business for over 25 years and have the lowest prices in the world, we have far more experience programming hearing aids than our competitors. All we need is a copy of your hearing test. 


Is selling hearing aids online legal?

Despite what your local audiologist may tell you, yes, it absolutely is legal. 


Are you really the lowest price in the world?

Yes. For any make and model hearing aid we GUARANTEE the lowest price. In most cases, our prices are 50% less than our competitors. These are the exact same hearing aids your would get from your local provider. 


How long does it take?

If you custom order a hearing aid that we don't keep in stock, it takes 2-3 business days to receive them from the manufacturer. Otherwise, we program the hearing aids and ship them out same-day with free two-day delivery.


I dont want to do this through the mail. Do you work with anyone in my area?

Yes, and no. We don't work with anyone directly, however any certified hearing aid specialist can work on your hearing aid. We can provide a list of local specialists upon request. 

I've found another website with similar pricing? Why choose you?

Experience. If a company can't be found on the Better Business Bureau or it has a .com in its name, it's best to avoid them. The hearing aid industry is full of start up companies with low prices that dump product and then sell off to the first bidder. We aren't going anywhere. We have been around long enough that you know we will be able to honor our lifetime free service. You can't say the same for a company that started only a few years ago.

Do your hearing aids come with a warranty?

Our hearing aids come with the best warranty in the industry. A three year, no hassle, manufacturer warranty, as well as a three year Loss and Damage insurance policy.


What if the hearing aids need service?

All of our hearing aids come with LIFETIME free service. If you would like someone locally to service them, let us know, and we can arrange that. 


Companies like MDHearingAid claim to have the same thing for considerably less. Is that true?

Simple answer, not at all. MDHearingAid devices are not hearing aids, no matter what their website claims. They are generic personal sound amplifiers made from substandard parts imported from China and India. They cannot be programmed to your specific loss, are not FDA approved, and they only come with a 90 day warranty. Your TV came with a longer warranty than that!


*If price is your number one factor, ask about our refubished brand name hearing aids. They will be programmed to your specific prescription, willl outperform anything from MDHearingAid, and we will even match the price.*


What is the difference between a name brand hearing aid and a personal sound amplifier?

EVERYTHING. A PSA is not programmed to your specific hearing loss. A good analogy would be like comparing prescription glasses to over-the-counter reading glasses. While they may help you to hear better to some degree, they'll never be exactly what you need and can end up doing damage to your exisiting hearing.