Sophisticated technology at an entry level price


Affordability is no longer a barrier. Shine Rev+ offers advanced technology to help you hear more clearly and comfortably, including:

• Automatically adjusted directionality with AutoMic (no need to press any buttons)

• Reduced discomfort caused by sudden, loud noises with AntiShock

• Dynamically balanced adaptive features to enhance speech and reduce distracting background noise with Sound ConductorDesigns they’ll be proud to wearShine Rev+ offers award-winning designs that are both comfortable to wear and stylish.




With Shine Rev+, everyone can access hearing instrument technology that helps them hear more clearly, economically. Shine Rev+ isolates and reduces unwanted noise with AutoMic, which switches from omni to adaptive directional mode when it detects background noise. Here's a closer look at the features:



Stay focused on whatʼs important. AutoMic adjusts directionality without having to press any buttons.

AntiShock™ 2

Deliver comfort for loud sounds. AntiShock™ 2 reduces the discomfort caused by sudden loud noises (without completely removing the sounds or making them unrecognizable) to preserve speech comfort and clarity.

Sound Conductor

Give you clear speech and natural listening.
Sound Conductor balances adaptive features in every listening program.


A hearing solution everyone will feel good about!

With Shine Rev+, you get  high-performance technology thatʼs accessible to everyone. 


Unitron Shine Rev+ BTE Hearing Aid

  • Unitron Shine Rev+ BTE Hearing Aids are traditonal BTE's that require a custom-made earmold. An impression of the outer ear and ear canal should be taken using quick-drying silicone material. This impression is sent to a lab, and a customised earmold is created.

    Earmolds, which can be made of hard or soft materials, and are usually clear or pinkish in colour, but brightly coloured or decorative ear moulds are also manufactured on request. A hole (bore) is drilled through the ear mould and an earmold tubing inserted. The tubing then attaches to an ear hook on the BTE.